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This website is dedicated to the study of bryoparasitc Pezizales, a small group of about 90 closely related species of Ascomycetes which are parasitic to Bryophytes. The website aims to bring together information from scattered sources such as articles, internet sources, personal communications and own observations to facilitate identification.

Comments, new distribution data, unrecognized articles or any suggestion for improvement are very welcome and should be send to info (at)

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The website was created 2010 by Jan Eckstein and will be continuously updated. I wish to thank the following persons for valuable contributions and/or generous support:
Dieter Benkert, Germany
Emiel Brouwer, The Nehterlands
Günter Eckstein, Germany
Zuzana Egertova, Czech Republic
Ralf Dahlheuser, Germany
Jan Gaisler, Czech Republic
Torsten Richter, Germany
Marcel Vega, Germany

Apothecium, infectious hyphae and ascus with spores of Octospora leucoloma
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