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Filicupula suboperculata (Döbbeler & P. James) Y.J. Yao & Spooner
Kew Bull. 51(1): 194 (1996)
Basionym: Pseudonectria suboperculata Döbbeler & P. James, Mitt. Bot. Staatssamml., Münch. 14: 113 (1978)
Type: Scottland, 'Argyll (V. C. 98), Head of Loch Creran, Galsdrum, Inver, Grid Ref: 17/9, 4', 1976-Jun-23, P. W. James (holotype IMI, isotype Dö 2401 in GZU, M).
Synonym: Octosporella suboperculata (Döbbeler & P. James) Döbbeler, Nova Hedwigia 31(4): 828 (1980) [1979]
Apothecia: 270-500 x 160-370 µm, clavate at first, becoming obovoid to turbinate, flattened above, higher than broad, vividly orange, smooth, outside with a hyaline layer
Paraphyses: filiform, uniformly 2.5-4 µm wide, unbranched, with many orange droplets
Asci: clavate, 80-140(-175) x 15-20 µm, (4-)8-spored, spores lying partly biseriate within the ascus
Ascospores: fusoid with blunt or truncate ends, 27-33(-35) x 8-9.5(-12) µm, hyalin, smooth, straigt or slightly curved, wall uniformly thick, usually containing two large central, two smaller polar and several very small guttules.
Host: Frullania tamarisci (L.) Dumort.
Infectious structures: appressoria 15-30) x 11-16 µm, variable ellipsoid
Habitat: on the liverwort Frullania tamarisci
Distribution: Scotland

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  • Yao, Y. J. & Spooner, B. M. 1996a. Notes on British Octosporella with a new genus, Filicupula (Pezizales). - Kew Bulletin 51: 193-196.

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