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Lamprospora areolata Seaver
Mycologia 4: 48 (1912)

Apothecia: 0.5-1 mm in diameter, inconspicuous membranaceous margin
Ascospores: globose, 13-16 µm (18-20 µm inclusive ornamentation), ornamentation consisting of ridges 0.5 µm wide and 2-3 µm high, forming a regular reticulum with 3-4 meshes/diameter
Host: unknown, associated with Bryum (erythrocarpum complex) and Pohlia proligera in a collection from Spain (Rubia et al. 2002)
Infectious structures: unknown
Distribution: Spain, United States
Notes: According to Benkert (1987), L. areolata is only known from the type. All other specimens labeled as L. areolata were found to represent other taxa, i.e. Lamprospora areolata reported by Caillet & Moyne (1980) belong to L. feurichiana. So far there is no proof of a parasitic relationship with bryophytes. The spore ornamentation shows affinities to L. australis, L. campylopodis and L. feurichiana (Benkert 1987).
Wang & Kimbrough (1992) cite more of Seaver's collections and recently Rubio et al. (2002) reported this species from Spain.

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