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Lamprospora bulbiformis M.Vega & Janošík
Cryptogamie Mycologie 42(6): 93 (2021)
Mycobank MB835293

Holotype: Portugal, Funchal (Madeira), Jardim Botânico da Madeira, 32°3943N, 16°5343W, 290 m alt., under trees in a mixed orchard. 17. Dec 2014, leg. MV. (holotype B 70 0100012, isotype PO_F2128).
Lamprospora bulbiformis, apothecia between shoots of Fissidens viridulus Lamprospora bulbiformis, spores stained with cotton-blue
1: Lamprospora bulbiformis, apothecia between shoots of Fissidens viridulus, Spain, Málaga, leg. Marcel Vega, 2017-01-03 (B 70 0100013), image by Marcel Vega 2: Lamprospora bulbiformis, spores stained with cotton-blue, Spain, Málaga, leg. Marcel Vega, 2017-01-03 (B 70 0100013)
Apothecia: 0.5-1 mm first spherical, becoming cup-shaped, finally discoid with an inconspicuous, fimbriate margin, hymenium pale-orange to orange, margin and outer surface slightly paler than the hymenium
Asci: straight, cylindrical, narrowing toward base, 180-310 x 18-23 µm, 8-spored, spores uniseriate
Paraphyses: filiform, cylindrical, straight, 3.5-5.5 µm wide, multiseptate, with abundant orange carotenoid pigment, mostly in lipid bodies (LBs), carotenoids occasionally form larger crystals, apical cell slightly thickened, 35-90 x 5-7 µm
Ascospores: hyaline, globose, (15)16-17(18) µm diam., with an excentric lipid drop 9-11 µm in diameter, spore surface generally covered with isolated warts of different sizes, remaining space between the warts showing either no ornamentation or appearing slightly asperulate in SEM, larger warts in side view mostly hemispherical, bulbous, knobbly and rarely acute
Host: Fissidens viridulus
Infection; infects the rhizoids of the moss Fissidens viridulus, appressoria ellipsoid 20-43 x 10-25 µm in side-view, single-celled or sometimes with a thin septum
Distribution: Portugal (Madeira), Spain (Málaga)

  • Janošík, L., Sochorová, Z., Eckstein, J., Vega, M. & Koukol, O. 2023. Ascospore morphology of bryophilous Pezizales is closely associated with the place of infection and host ecology. - Fungal Ecology 61: 101200. DOI
  • Vega M., Janoík L., Eckstein J., Martínez-Gil R. & Rubio E. 2021. Warts galore on three new Lamprospora De Not. species (Pezizales) from Southern Europe and Macaronesia and a type revision of three species described from the US by F. J. Seaver in the 1910s. - Cryptogamie Mycologie 42: 91119. PDF
Lamprospora bulbiformis, spores
3: Lamprospora bulbiformis, SEM-image of spores, Spain, Málaga, leg. Marcel Vega, 2017-01-03 (B 70 0100013)

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