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Lamprospora campylopodis W.D.Buckley
Trans. Brit. mycol. Soc. 9: 44 (1924) [1923]
Mycobank: MB#259542
Holotype: 'ad terram inter muscos (Campylopus fragilis) ad radices Pini truncorum in locis humidis. Dunoon, 1921-May' - According to Benkert (1987) the type could not be found in K and he designated a neotype
Neotype: UK: Ascot Heath, Berkshire, leg. C. E. Broome 1863-Nov, (K, Herb. C. E. Broome, as Ascobolus miniatus Crouan) - the large collection was distributed as Fungi europaei 658 and therefore is present in further collections, i.e. L and S

Lamprospora campylopodis, apothecia Lamprospora campylopodis, SEM-image of ascospore
1: Lamprospora campylopodis, apothecia with Campylopus pyriformis, Germany, leg. M. Vega 2015-10-03. 2: Lamprospora campylopodis, ascospores stained with cotton-blue
Apothecia: about 1 mm in diameter, as broad as high, with conspicuous membranaceous margin
Asci: 20-25 µm broad, 8-spored, spores uniseriate
Ascospores: globose, (15-)16-19(-20) µm, ornamentation consisting of ridges 1-1.5 µm wide and high, forming a more or less regular areolate reticulum with (3-)4-6(-8) meshes/diameter
Hosts: Campylopus pyriformis (K.F.Schultz) Brid., in one collection Campylopus oerstedianus (Müll.Hal.) Mitt. (Benkert 2007)
Distribution: Czech Republic, Germany (BY, NI, TH), Macedonia, The Netherlands, Turkey (Uzun & Kaya), United Kingdom
Note: in the protologe (Buckley 1924) Campylopus fragilis is mentioned as accompanying moss but this species could never be confirmed as host of a Lamprospora sp.

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Lamprospora campylopodis Lamprospora campylopodis
3: Lamprospora campylopodis, apothecium with Campylopus pyriformis 4: Lamprospora campylopodis, rehydrated apothecia with Campylopus pyriformis
Lamprospora campylopodis, ascus with ascospores Lamprospora campylopodis, asci with ascospores
5: Lamprospora campylopodis, ascus with ascospores 6: Lamprospora campylopodis, SEM image of ascospore

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