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Lamprospora gibbosa M.Vega & Janošík
Cryptogamie Mycologie 42(6): 100 (2021)
Mycobank MB835294

Holotype: France, Vergons (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence), L'Iscle, torrent La Galange, 43°55'54"N, 6°38'44"E, 900 m alt., on rocks in a mountain brook, 13 Sep. 2017, leg. MV. (holotype B 70 0100017, isotype PRC 4626).
Lamprospora gibbosa, apothecia between shoots of Fissidens crassipes Lamprospora gibbosa, spores
1: Lamprospora gibbosa, apothecia between shoots of Fissidens crassipes, holotype. Image by Marcel Vega 2: Lamprospora gibbosa, spores in water, isotype. Image by Lukaš Janošík
Apothecia: 0.5-1.5(2) mm in diameter, first spherical, becoming cup-shaped, finally discoid with an inconspicuous fimbriate margin or no raised margin at all; hymenium bright-orange, outer surface slightly paler than the hymenium
Asci: straight, cylindrical, narrowing toward base, 200-350 x 16-28 µm, 8-spored, spores uniseriate
Paraphyses: filiform, cylindrical, straight, 3-5 µm wide, multiseptate, occasionally branched at the base, with sparse carotenoid pale-orange pigment, mostly in lipid bodies (LBs), pigment turns green in IKI, apical cell slightly thickened, 40-80 x 4-7 µm
Ascospores: hyaline, uniseriate, globose, (14)15-17 µm diam., with an excentric lipid drop 9-11 µm in diameter. Spore surface densely covered with isolated warts of varying size. Warts in side view hemispherical, gibbous, in face view also pyriform, packed, elongated or confluent, few warts with a punctiform cavity visible after staining in CB. Larger warts wider than high, 2-3(4) µm wide and 0.6-1(1.2) µm high; smaller warts ± hemispherical, approx. 0.5 µm wide and 0.5 µm high
Host: Fissidens crassipes
Infection; infects the rhizoids of the aquatic moss Fissidens crassipes, infected cells appear swollen and shorter than uninfected ones. The ellipsoid single-celled appressoria are 13-22 x 6-14 µm in side view. They are mostly free and only weakly differentiated from adjacend hyphae
Distribution: France

  • Janošík, L., Sochorová, Z., Eckstein, J., Vega, M. & Koukol, O. 2023. Ascospore morphology of bryophilous Pezizales is closely associated with the place of infection and host ecology. - Fungal Ecology 61: 101200. DOI
  • Vega M., Janošík L., Eckstein J., Martínez-Gil R. & Rubio E. 2021. Warts galore – on three new Lamprospora De Not. species (Pezizales) from Southern Europe and Macaronesia and a type revision of three species described from the US by F. J. Seaver in the 1910s. - Cryptogamie Mycologie 42: 91–119. PDF
Lamprospora gibbosa, spores
3: Lamprospora gibbosa, SEM-image of spores, holotype

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