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Lamprospora sylvatica Egertová & Eckstein
Phytotaxa 357(1): 18 (2018)
Mycobank MB 824682
Holotype: Ukraine. Zakarpattia Oblast, 3.3 km NW from Nimetska Mokra, 2017-07-08, Z. Egertová and M. Sochor (PRM 946415).
Lamprospora sylvatica, apothecium on decaying wood with Dicranum montanum Lamprospora sylvatica, spores stained with cotton-blue
1: Lamprospora sylvatica, apothecium on decaying wood with Dicranum montanum, Germany, Thuringia, Hainich National Park, leg. J. Eckstein 2015-10-26 (PARATYPE) 2: Lamprospora sylvatica, spores stained with cotton-blue, Germany, Thuringia, Hainich National Park, leg. J. Eckstein 2015-10-26 (PARATYPE)
Apothecia: (0.3)0.51(1.3) mm broad, first closed, later hemispherical to discoid, with a narrow, fimbriate margin, hymenium pinkish, orange or reddish
Asci: 240-370(420) x 20-27(29) µm, cylindrical, 8-spored
Paraphyses: filiform, straight, mostly simple, rarely forked, pluriseptate, containing orange pigment, 2.5-4 µm broad, terminal cell 33-103 x4-6.5 µm
Ascospores: hyalin, globose, globose, 1618(19) µm in diameter, uniseriate, ornamentation areolate, consisting of ridges 0.41.6 µm wide and 0.81.4 µm high, forming a complete, ± regular reticulum of 57 meshes/diameter, meshes 1.54.5(8) µm broad
Subhymenium: consisting of thin-walled, variously shaped, hyaline cells 2.56 µm broad, merged with the medullary excipulum
Ectal excipulum: about 70120 µm thick, consisting of thick-walled, globose, subglobose to subangular cells (textura subglobulosa)
Host: Dicranum montanum
Infection:  on strong rhizoids of Dicranum montanum, infectious structures consisting of spherical to irregular clusters of cells firmly attached to and often completely surrounding the rhizoid, appressoria situated at the centre of these clusters sitting directly on the rhizoid wall, very thick-walled, isodiametric or often slightly higher than wide, with 20-28 x 17-25 µm in only slightly larger than surrounding cells
Distribution: Germany, Norway, Slovakia, Ukrainia

  • Egertová, Z., Eckstein, J., Sochor, M. & Vega, M. 2018. Lamprospora sylvatica (Pyronemataceae), a new bryophilous ascomycete on Dicranum montanum. - Phytotaxa 357: 17-29.
  • Eckstein, J., Eckstein G., Frauenberger, H. & Wieschollek, D. 2020. Erste Checkliste der Moosbecherlinge Thüringens. - Boletus 41: 51-64.
  • Janošík, L., Sochorová, Z., Eckstein, J., Vega, M. & Koukol, O. 2023. Ascospore morphology of bryophilous Pezizales is closely associated with the place of infection and host ecology. - Fungal Ecology 61: 101200. DOI
Lamprospora sylvatica, SEM-image of ascospores Lamprospora sylvatica, infection
3: Lamprospora sylvatica, SEM-image of ascospores, Germany, Thuringia, Hainich National Park, leg. J. Eckstein 2015-10-26 (PARATYPE) 4: Lamprospora sylvatica, infection on rhizoid of Dicranum montanum, Slovakia, Malá Fatra National Park, 110 m N of the Kopa Peak, leg. Z. Egertová and M. Sochor, 2014-11-17 (PARATYPE)

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