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Lamprospora tuberculata Seaver
Mycologia 4: 47 (1912)
Mycobank: MB#200496
Holotype: U.S.A.: New York, on soil near Yonkers, leg. F. J. Seaver 1911-Jul-21 (NYBG-00915360)

Lamprospora tuberculata, apothecia with Pleuridium subulatum Lamprospora tuberculata, spores in water (left) and spores stained with lactophenol-cotton-blue (right)
1: Lamprospora tuberculata, apothecia with Pleuridium subulatum 2: Lamprospora tuberculata, spores in water (left) and spores stained with lactophenol-cotton-blue (right)
Apothecia: 1-2 mm in diameter with broad membranaceous margin, hymenium orange
Asci: 320-375 x 20-25 µm, 8-spored, spores uniseriate
Ascospores: globose, inclusive ornamentation (13-)15-18(-20) µm in diameter, ornamentation consisting of rounded warts and tubercles of very uneven sizes, large ones (2-)3-6(-8) µm broad, small ones 1-2 µm broad
Host: Pleuridium acuminatumPleuridium subulatum
Habitat: on soil
Distribution: Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany (rare, BW, BY, BB, NI), Hungary, The Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, United States
Note: Vega et al. 2021b: 'Contrary to reports by Benkert (1987) and Wang & Kimbrough (1992) we observed Pleuridium subulatum as the host. Astonishingly, a few plants have large irregular shaped rhizoidal tubers which had not been reported for P. subulatum in North America but are known from Scandinavia (Jensen 1939; Hallingback 2006). Our spore measurements are 15-17 µm diam. with larger tubercles 2-4 µm wide and up to 2.5 µm high. Whereas the host is the same in North American and European collections, there are differences in the spore ornamentation. The tubercles in Seaver's samples are more hemispherical and not so irregularly shaped as in European collections examined in this study or in those documented in Eckstein et al. (2014) and Egertova et al. (2015). Furthermore, one of the collections presented here as L. tuberculata agg. (ZT Myc 61081) and the collection in Egertova et al. (2015) induce large galls (60-125 µm in case of ZT Myc 61081) on the rhizoids of the bryophyte host while no galls could be found in the United States material. New collections of L. tuberculata from Northern America are needed for DNA analysis to resolve the question whether United States and European collections of L. tuberculata represent the same taxon.'

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Lamprospora tuberculata, SEM-image of ascospore Lamprospora minuta, tuberculata, SEM-image of ascospores
3: Lamprospora tuberculata, SEM-image of ascospore 4: Lamprospora tuberculata, SEM-image of ascospores, Germany, Saxony Anhalt, Aseleben, leg. J. Eckstein 2013-12-11, no. 34002

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