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Lamprospora tuberculatella Seaver
Mycologia 6: 15 (1914)
Mycobank: MB#200657
Holotype: U.S.A.: New York, Yonkers, leg. F. J. Seaver 1912-Sep (NYBG-00915362)

Lamprospora tuberculatlla Lamprospora tuberculatella
1: Lamprospora tuberculatella, apothecium, Germany, Saxony-Anhalt, leg. Jan Eckstein 2009-09-28 2: Lamprospora tuberculatella, ascus with ascospores stained with cotton-blue, Germany, Saxony-Anhalt, leg. Jan Eckstein 2014-09-25
Apothecia: very small, 0.3-1 mm, pulvinate, hemisheric, without membranaceous margin, hymenium orange to yellowish-orange
Asci: 210–280 x 16–23(26) µm, 8-spored, uniseriate
Ascospores: globose, inclusive ornamentation (14-)15-18(-21) µm, exclusive ornamentation 13-16(-19) µm in diameter, ornamentation consisting of isolated warts (0.5-)1-3(-3) µm broad and high, hollow within, on the spore surface the warts are sometimes connected by low ridges (almost only visible in SEM-images)
Host: Weissia sp., Weissia controversa
Infectious structures: infects the rhizoids
Habitat: on soil with pioneer mosses
Distribution: Australia, Austria, Czech Republic (Janošík unpublished), France, Germany (ST, TH), Hungary, Portugal, Slovakia (Janošík unpublished), Spain, The Netherlands, Turkey (Uzun & Kaya 2019), United States
Note: Spore size and bryophyte hosts differ between Seaver (1914, 1928), Wang & Kimbrough (1992) and Benkert (1987, 2002). Our measurements of Seaver’s material in NYBG (six vouchers) are 16-18 µm diam., which corresponds to the measurements 16-18(20) µm diam. reported by Wang & Kimbrough (1992). The host of Seavers samples could be identified to the genus Weissia. Reports of L. tuberculatella from other hosts, i.e. on Didymodon vinealis and Ephemerum megalosporum in Benkert (2002), probably belong to other taxa.

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Lamprospora tuberculatella
3: Lamprospora tuberculatella, SEM-image of ascospore, Germany, Saxony-Anhalt, leg. Jan Eckstein 2011-09-29

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