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Neottiella ricciae (P. Crouan & H. Crouan) Korf & W. Y. Zhuang
Mycotaxon 40: 96 (1991)

Basionym: Peziza ricciae
Neottiella ricciae, apothecia Neottiella ricciae, ascospores
1: Neottiella ricciae, apothecia between thallus of Riccia glauca 2: Neottiella riciae, ascus with ascospores
Apothecia: 0,2-1 mm in diameter, orange, first spherical, later barrel-shaped to discoid, marging rimmed with hyalin, stiff acute hairs
Hairs: 140 to 200 µm long, thick walled, 1-2 septate, 10-20 µm broad at base
Asci: 170-240 x 15-22 µm, 8-spored, spores uniseriate
Ascospores: ellipsoid to ovoid, mostly with one side rounded and the other side somewhat fusiform, 21-27 x 14-17 µm, hyalin, smooth, with one large oil droplet
Hosts: some species of Riccia, R. beyrichiana, R. glauca, R. sorocarpa, R. nigrella
Infectious structures: infects the rhizoids and the underside of the thallus, thallus cells often almost completely filles with spherical hyphae, appressoria only slightly differenciated from normal hyphae, somewhat wider; rhizoids with normal looking hyphae inside
Habitat: growing directly on the thallus of Riccia or the nearby soil, in open habitats i.e. stubble fields
Distribution:  Czech Republic, France, India, Norway, United Kingdom, USA

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Neottiella ricciae, marginal hairs Neottiella ricciea, infection
3: Neottiella ricciae, marginal hairs of the apothecium 4: Neottiella ricciae, infectious hyphae within rhizoids of Riccia glauca

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