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Octospora americana Benkert
Zeitschrift für Mykologie 64(1): 20 (1998)

Type: USA, 'Flora of U.S.A. Louisiana, Ascension parish, c. 40 km SE Baton Rouge, 2,5 km S the intersection between La. highway 70 and 22.In dense swamp forest, 30 09 N 90 52 W' 1981-Feb-18, G. Thor Nr. 2055 (holotype in S, as Lamprospora spec.)
Octospora americana Octospora americana
1: Octospora americana, apothecium on shoot of Forsstroemia trichomitria, holotype, image by Z. Sochorová 2: Octospora americana, ascospores stained with cotton blue, holotype, image by Z. Sochorová
Apothecia: about 1 mm in diameter, without membranaceous margin, hymenium orange outside paler and somewhat pubescent
Asci: 150-200 x 13-18(-23) µm, 8-spored, spores uniseriate
Ascospores:  broadly ellipsoid to subglobos, (12-)13-15 x (10-)11-13 µm, ornamentation consisting of isolated, conicical warts of different sizes, small warts about 0.5 µm broad and high, large warts about 1 µm broad and high
Host: Cryphaea glomerata, Forsstroemia trichomitria
Infectious structures: induces galls on the apical cell of rhizoids, the surface of the galls is completely coverd with hyphae
Habitat: apothecia growing directly on the host mosses which grow epiphytic on trees
Distribution: United States
Notes: belongs to section Wrightoideae (Benkert 1998a)

  • Benkert, D. 1998a. Beiträge zur Kenntnis bryophiler Pezizales-Arten. 6. Wrightoideae, eine neue Sektion der Gattung Octospora. - Zeitschrift für Mykologie 64: 17-40.

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