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Octosporella caudifera Döbbeler & P.G.Davison
Nova Hedwigia 113: 389 (2021)
MycoBank: MB 840426
Holotype: U.S.A., North Carolina: Graham County, Nantahala National Forest, just S of Huckleberry Knob & NW of Cherohala Skyway/NC143, leg. P.G. Davison 2016-Mar-17 (9324A, NY-holotype)
Ascomata: perithecia-like, ellipsoidal, ovoid or barrel-shaped, orange, darker in the dry state, setose, 280-350 x 190-270 µm; setae mostly in the upper part of the ascoma, colourless, slightly attenuate towards the apex, straight, curved or even distorted, extremely thick-walled, blunt, 15-75 µm long, at base 4.5-8 µm wide
Paraphyses: filamentous, not or rarely ramified, apically not enlarged, 2-3 µm wide
Asci: claviform, thin-walled, in water 90-140 x 18-20 µm, easily breaking off above the foot, 8-spored
Ascospores: 1-celled, ellipsoidal, hyaline, with 3 large, globose, light orange to yellow oil-bodies and often a smaller additional one in the narrowed end, cell wall at the ends with cap-like thickenings, one end continuously extended into a tail-like appendage formed by cell wall material, cell lenght including tail (38-)45-60(-66) µm, without tail (28-)33-41(-45) x (7-)8-10(-11) µm, tail (5-)10-20(-26) x 1 µm, epispore smooth
Host: Frullania asagrayana Mont.
Infectious structures: infects the leaf cells, appressoria sessile rarely stipitate, often curved towards the mother hyphae, seen from above broadly elliptical to almost circular, 15-21 x 12-18 µm, wall wall upt to 5 µm thick
Habitat: on the epiphytic liverworts Frullania asagrayana
Distribution: U.S.A. (Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia)
Note: close to the European O. erythrostigma on Frullania dilatata but best distinguished from that species by shape and size of ascospores

  • Döbbeler P. & Davison P.G. 2021. Non-hypocrealean ascomycetes on Frullania mainly from Southeastern North America. - Nova Hedwigia 113: 361–401. DOI

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