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Octospora ciervensis Gamundi & Spinedi
Mycotaxon 33:472 (1988)

Apothecia: 0.5-1 mm in diameter, hymenium egg-yellow, plane, papillose; margin elevated, crenate, paler yellow than the hymenium
Paraphyses: straight to curved apically
Asci: 200-270 x 13-17 µm, 8 spored, spores uniseriate, occasionally with 4-6 spores
Ascospores: short ellipsoid to ovoid (length/width ratio 1.4 : 1) 13.2-18.6 x 10.8-12 µm, ornamentation consisting of densely arranged, isolated warts, spores with one large oil droplet
Host: probably Bryum dichotomum
Habitat: apothecia growing in axil of the leafs of Bryum dichotomum, so far only found in Antarcitca
Distribution: Antarctic Peninsula (Terra de Danco)
Note: Octospora ciervensis seems to be very similar to O. similis and possibly is conspecific with it.

  • Gamundi, I. J. & Spinedi, H. A. 1988. Ascomycetes from Antarctica. New species and interesting collections from Danco Coast, Antarctic Peninsula. - Mycotaxon 33: 467-482.

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