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Octospora conidiophora Sochorová & Döbbeler
MycoKeys 54: 55 (2019)
MycoBank: MB 829095

Type: South Africa. KwaZulu-Natal Province: Uthukela District Municipality, uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park, Injasuti, 1750 m, 2018-03-02, Z. Egertová and M. Sochor ZE48/18 (holotype: PRM 951743, isotype: M)
Octospora conidiophora Octospora conidiophora
1: Octospora conidiophora, apothecia on Trichosteleum perchlorosum, holotype, image by Z. Sochorová 2: Octospora conidiophora, spores in water, South Africa, Buffelskloof Nature Reserve, leg. Z. Egertová & M. Sochor (ZE77/18), image Z. Sochorová
Apothecia: 0.2–1.5 mm broad, up to 0.65 mm high, first subglobose with a small apical opening, later hemispherical, turbinate to disc-shaped, pinkish-orange, sessile, mostly with a well-developed margin, outer surface of excipulum with adpressed to shortly protruding hairs or hyphae
Excipulum:  at the base 230–330 µm thick, laterally about 50 µm thick, composed of angular to subangular (triangular, trapezoid, rectangular), globose, subglobose or irregularly shaped cells, 6–43 × 5–42 µm, outermost cells thick-walled
Subhymenium  40–75 µm wide, consisting of densely packed cylindrical cells 3–7 µm wide mixed with angular or irregularly shaped cells, 4.5–8 × 4.5–6 µm
Paraphyses: filiform, straight or bent, unbranched, septate, uppermost one or two cells containing little very pale droplets, 2.1–3.5 µm broad, terminal cell 19–83 × 3–7 µm
Asci: 146–197 × 12–15.5 µm, 8-spored, spores uniseriate
Ascospores: ellipsoid to narrowly ellipsoid, 13–17.2 × 7–10.5 µm, hyaline, containing one or two lipid guttules, smooth or ornamented with cyanophilous, very small, obtuse warts 0.1–0.3 µm broad
Host: Trichosteleum perchlorosum and Sematophyllum brachycarpum
Infectious structures: infects leafs and rhizoids, appressoria variable, frequent and easy to detect, colourless, 1-, 2- or 3-celled, from above elliptical, (14–)16–23(–26) µm long, (8–)11–16 µm wide, laterally seen slightly kidney-shaped, (7–)9–13(–16) µm high
Habitat: on decaying wood in shaded situations
Distribution: South Africa

  • Sochorová, Z., Döbbeler, P., Sochor, M. & van Rooy, J. 2019. Octospora conidiophora (Pyronemataceae) – a new species from South Africa and the first report of anamorph in bryophilous Pezizales. MycoKeys 54: 49–76. DOI
Octospora conidiophora Octospora conidiophora
3: Octospora conidiophora, germinating conidium stained with cotton blue, holotype, image by Z. Sochorová 4: Octospora conidiophora, spores stained with cotton blue, South Africa, Buffelskloof Nature Reserve, leg. Z. Egertová & M. Sochor (ZE77/18), image Z. Sochorová

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