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Octospora crosslandii (Dennis & Itzerott) Benkert
Feddes Repert. Spec. Nov., Beih. 87(9-10): 618 (1976)
MycoBank: MB 318867

Basionym: Octospora leucoloma var. crosslandii Dennis & Itzerott, Kew Bull. 28(1): 15 (1973)
Type: UK, Pecket Wood, Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire 10.10.1897 (holotypus: K)

Apothecia: to 2 mm in diam, disc at first concave, becoming flat or slightly convex, ochraceous flesh coloured, margin narrow
Paraphyses: straight, clavate, 6-8 µm wide above
Asci: 180-200 × 14–16 µm, 8-spored, spores uniseriate
Ascospores: broadly ellipsoid, 17-20 x 10-11 µm, hyaline, smooth, containing one central lipid guttule
Host: Bryoerythrophyllum recurvirostrum
Habitat: on soil between Bryoerythrophyllum recurvirostrum
Distribution: England
Note: In the past, this name was often used for smooth spored Octosporas on various hosts. Later it was synonymised with O. gyalectoides (Benkert 2007). Keeping in mind the high host specificity of Octospora s.l. it is likely a good species. The name O. crosslandii should only be applied to specimens on Bryoerythrophyllum recurvirostrum which seem to be rare. Octospora crosslandii var. alpina seems to be a taxon of its own (see there).

  • Benkert, D. 1976. Bemerkenswerte Ascomyceten der DDR. I. Zu einigen Arten der Gattung Lamprospora. - Feddes repertorium 87: 611-642. [elevation species rank]
  • Benkert, D. 2007. Zur Kenntnis des Vorkommens bryophiler Pezizales (Ascomycota) in Südost-Europa. - Mycologia Montenegrina 10: 7-21. [synonymising with O. gyalectoides]
  • Dennis, R. W. G. & Itzerott, H. 1973. Octospora and Inermisia in Western Europe. - Kew Bulletin 28: 5-23. [protologue]
  • Itzerott, H. 1979. Ein weiterer Beitrag zur Taxonomie der Discomycetengattung Octospora. - Nova Hedwigia 30: 139-148. [O. crosslandii var. alpina]

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