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Octosporopsis erinacea Egertová & Döbbeler
Egertová & Döbbeler, Mycological Progress 17 (1-2): 104 (2017)
MycoBank: MB 822433

Type: Malaysia: Borneo, Sarawak, Kelabit Highlands, Pa'Lungan, upper Pa'Lungan river, 5.5 km N of the village, 1255 m asl., 20 Jan 2017, leg. Z. Egertova & M. Sochor (SAR KH2017.1.20-01; isotype PRM 945774)
Octosporopsis erinacea
1: Octosporopsis erinacea, apothecia on thallus of Dumortiera hirsuta, holotype, image by Z. Sochorová
Apothecia: superficially on the dorsal thallus surface, at first more or less barrel-shaped, later turbinate, light yellow to almost colourless, setose, 400–600 µm high and 450–550 µm wide, apically with a plane, rimless, concolorous disc
Excipulum: from external view and in longitudinal section with textura angularis, cells about 7–23(28) µm; excipular wall laterally composed of few cell layers, about 8–15(23) µm thick; below the hymenium a zone of distinctly smaller, irregularly arranged cells
Paraphyses: filiform, unbranched, apically slightly enlarged, 2–3.5 µm wide in the middle, 2.5–4 µm at the apex
Asci: unitunicate, operculate, not amyloid, cylindrical to slightly claviform (depending on spore position), with a rather long spore-free foot,98-150 x 10-16 µm, (4-, 7-)8-spored
Ascospores: ellipsoid, colourless, in water (13.5)14.5-17(18) x 7.8(9) µm,(1)2(3) guttules up to 6.5 µm diam, delicately rough (or seemingly smooth), lying 1- or partly 2-seriate in the ascus
Host: Dumortiera hirsuta (Sw.) Nees var. nepalensis (Taylor) Frye & L. Clark
Infectious structures: Appressoria comparatively scarce and inconspicuous, 1-celled, lateral ones on short stalks, terminal and also intercalary, elliptical (as seen from above), about 25–40 µm long and 14–20 µm wide, giving rise to internal, sometimes haustoria-like hyphae
Habitat: on thallus of Dumortiera hirsuta in lower-montane primary rainforest
Distribution: Japan, Malaysia (Sarawak)

  • Egertova, Z., Döbbeler, P. & Sochor, M. 2017. Octosporopsis erinacea and Octospora kelabitiana (Pezizales) – two new hepaticolous ascomycetes from Borneo. - Mycological Progress 17:103-113. DOI
  • Hosono, Uzawa M., Ohmae M., Masumoto H. & Degawa Y. 2021. Four new records of bryophilous and non-bryophilous discomycetes of the Octospora lineage (Pyronemataceae, Pezizales) from Japan. - Japanese Journal of Mycology 62: 77–91. PDF

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