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Octosporella erythrostigma (Mont.) Döbbeler
Feddes Repert. 115(1-2): 6 (2004)
MycoBank: MB 368196
Basionym: Peziza erythrostigma Mont., Annls Sci. Nat., Bot., sér. 2 18: 246 (1842)
Type: France, ad Frullaniam dilatatam (Jungerman. L.) mense septembris exeunte, prope pagum Chennevières-sur-Marne à Parisiis, Montagne (holotype PC)
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Octospora erythrostigma Octospora erythrostigma
1: Octosporella erythrostigma, apothecia on the liverwort Frullania dilatata, Austria, Steiermark, leg. L. Janošík 2019. Image by L. Janošík 2: Octosporella erythrostigma, asci with ascospores in water, Austria, Steiermark, leg. L. Janošík & M. Vega 2018. Image by L. Janošík
Apothecia: perithecioid, (200-)240-330(-400) x (130-)170-250(-300) µm, ovoid or ellipsoid, rarely almost cylindrical or spherical, orange-red; setae up to 70(-90) µm long and basally 5-8(-9) µm wide, uncoloured, straight or slightly curved, thick-walled, densely formed in the upper part of the ascomata
Excipulum: outer excipular cells (10)1525(30) µm diam, thick-walled, with yellowish droplets of varying size, mostly hidden by the setae; excipular wall 1322(25) µm thick
Paraphyses: filamentous, 23(4) µm diam, with few ramifications, containing numerous yellowish droplets
Asci: (70-)80-100(-115) x 15-20 µm, club-shaped, rounded at the top, (4-, 5-, 6-, 7-) 8-spored, spores mostly lying irregularly biseriate
Ascospores: (without appendage) (23-)27-33(-37) x (6-)7-9(-10) µm, narrowly ellipsoid, often slightly asymmetric, colourless, in most cases with three yellowish oil droplets, the biggest one in the middle of the spore, spore wall at both ends thickened, epispore slightly cyanophilic; spores at one end with a filamentous appendage, 2-8(-23) x 1 µm
Host: Frullania dilatata
Infectious structures: Apressoria (10-)14-20(-25) x(8-5-)10-17(-20) µm, elliptical to almost circular in outline, wall apically up to 4 µm thick, with a typically curved, 1- or 2-celled stalk; haustoria of coiled hyphae within living cells, rich in plasmatic content
Habitat: between the leaves of the epiphytic liverwort Frullania dilatata
Distribution: Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Norway (Kristiansen & Olsen 2021), Sweden (Isaksson 2022), Switzerland (Senn-Irlet et al. 2021)

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Octospora erythrostigma Octospora erythrostigma
3: Octosporella erythrostigma, a single ascosprore in water, Austria, Steiermark, leg. L. Janošík & M. Vega 2018. Image by L. Janošík 4: Octosporella erythrostigma, hairs on the outside of an apothecium in water, Austria, Steiermark, leg. L. Janošík & M. Vega 2018. Image by L. Janošík

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