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Octosporella fortunata Döbbeler
Herzogia 24(2): 360 (2011)
MycoBank: MB 588490
Holotype: Spain, Canary Islands, La Palma: Reserva de la Biósfera 'El Canal y los Tilos' in the northeast of the island, southwest of Los Sauces, 600 m, Aug-2010, G. Döbbeler & C. Martín Carrera (M, Dö 9134)
Ascomata: perithecia-like, ovoid to conical, with a constricted base or almost pyriform, pale yellow to whitish, rarely orange-yellow, with setae, 180-270 x 140-180 µm
Paraphyses: filiform, ramified in the lowermost part, 2-3 µm wide
Asci: cylindrical or mature ellipsoid to fusiform, 80-107 x 19-22 µm, (6-, 7-)8-spored
Ascospores: one-celled, ellipsoid to almost fusiform, colourless, usually with one greater oil droplet, walls not thickened at the ends, 23-32 x 8-10 µm, smooth, epispore cyanophilous
Host: Saccogyna viticulosa (L.) Dumort.
Infectious structures: infects the leaf cells, appressoria ellipsoid, often apically extended like a papilla and here especially thick-walled, 15-22 x 11-16 µm when seen from above
Habitat: on the terricolous liverwort Saccogyna viticulosa
Distribution: Canary Islands (La Palma, La Gomera)

  • Döbbeler, P. 2011. Two new hepaticolous species of the genus Octosporella (Pezizales). - Herzogia 24: 357-365.

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