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Octosporella fusispora Y.J.Yao & Spooner
in Yao, Spooner & Læssøe, Nova Hedwigia 82(3-4): 484 (2006)
MycoBank: MB 353644
Type: England, Hampshire, Lyndhurst, Millyford Bridge, on Pellia sp., 27 June 1993, T. Læssøe- 3051 (holotypus, K(M)132130)
Apothecia: perithecioid, ovoid or obpyriform, 350-500 x 300-400 µm, pale yellowish, pilose, with a small apical aperture, hairs colourless, thickwalled, cylindric or slightly tapered, obtuse at the apex, to 120 µm long, aroud the aperture 15-30 µm long, with scattered, thin septa
Paraphyses: filiform, colourless, straight or curved, flexuous, 2.5-3.5 µm wide at the base, slightly attenuate to 1.2-2 µm wide towards the rounded apex, often branched in the lower part, sparsely septate
Asci: clavate to cylindrical, forked at the base, (110-)120-150(-180) x 18-20(-29) µm, wall uniformly thin, apex narrowed, rounded, 8-spored, spores uniseriate to partially biseriate
Ascospores: broadly fusoid, with distinctly tapered to rounded or almost pointed ends, often slightly asymmetric, 30-41(-45) x 12.5-17 µm, containing 1-2 guttules, hyaline, smooth, wall 1.0-1.2 µm thick, sometimes slightly thickened at poles to 1.5 µm
Infection structures: appressoria (19-)22-27(-31)x (10-)12-15(-19) µm, oriented in the same direction as the stipe
Host: Pellia spec.
Habitat: on thallus of the liverwort Pellia sp.
Distribution: England

  • Yao, Y. J., Spooner, B. M. & Læssøe, T. 2006. Octosporella fusispora sp. nov. (Pezizales), with a key to the species of the genus. - Nova Hedwigia 82: 483–487.
  • Döbbeler, P. 2011. Two new hepaticolous species of the genus Octosporella (Pezizales). - Herzogia 24: 357-365.

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