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Octospora hygrohypnophila Dissing & Sivertsen
Nordic Journal of Botany 3: 415 (1983)

Type: Norway, 'Nordland, Rana, Krokstrand, Tørrbekken, map sheet 2027 I, VP 07, on Hygrohypnum luridum (Hedw.) Jenn., together with Collema sp. on wet limestone' 1973-Sep-6, Dissing & Sivertsen MO 73.101 (holotype TRH, isotype C)
Octospora hygrohypnophila Octospora hygrohypnophila
1: Octospora hygrohypnophila, apothecia on shoots of Hygrohypnum luridum, Norway, Verdal, Tromsdalen, leg. R. Kristiansen 1998-Aug-20, image by R. Kristiansen 2: Octospora hygrohypnophila, ascus with ascospores stained with cotton blue, Norway, Verdal, Tromsdalen, leg. R. Kristiansen 1998-Aug-20
Apothecia: 0.5-1.2 mm in diameter, prominent, dentate margin, hymenium pale yellow to orange
Asci: 8-spored, spores uniseriate
Ascospores: broadly ellipsoid to subglobose, (12-)13-14(-15) x (10-)11-12(-13) µm, ornamentation consisting of isolated, slightly conical warts up to 1 µm high
Host: Hygrohypnum luridum
Infectious structures: induces galls on the apical cell of rhizoids, the surface of the galls is completely coverd with thick-walled hyphae
Habitat: on mats of Hygrohypnum luridum, in shaded, moist, calcarous habitats
Distribution: Austria (Janošík unpublished), Norway, Slovakia (Janošík unpublished), Spain
Notes: It belongs to section Wrightoideae. The species is very similar to Octspora wrightii. It differs from O. wrigthii by length/width ratio of spores more than 1.2 (less than 1.2 in O. wrightii), spores in average 2.5 µm longer than wide (1.5 µm longer than wide in O. wrightii) and slightly conical warts (rounded in O. wrightii) and the different host.

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Octospora hygrohypnophila
1: Octospora hygrohypnophila, infection inducing spherical gall on the rhizoids, Norway, Verdal, Tromsdalen, leg. R. Kristiansen 1998-Aug-20

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