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Octospora itzerottii Benkert
Östereichische Zeitschrift für Pilzkunde 7: 53 (1998)

Octospora itzerottii, apothecia Octospora itzerottii, asci with ascospores
1: Octospora itzerottii, apothecia with Pterygoneurum ovatum 2: Octospora itzerottii, ascus with ascospores
Apothecia: 1-2.5 mm in diameter, without a membranaceous margin, surface plane to convex, hymenium orange
Asci: cylindrical, 170-270 x 15-21 µm, mostly 4-spored but also 2-,3-,5- and 6-spored, uniseriate
Spores: ellipsoid, (20-)22-27(-28) x (11-)11.5-13(-14) µm, smooth, with one or two large and several small oil droplets
Host: Pterygoneurum ovatum, Pterygoneurum subsessile
Infectious structures: infects the rhizoids, sometimes also stem and leafs, appressoria free or covered by accompanying hyphae
Habitat: on base-rich soil, disturbed ground in dry grassland, in Germany only on sun-exposed, warm sites
Distribution:Czech Republic (Janošík unpublished), Germany (scattered, BB, RP, ST, TH), Hungary


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Octospora itzerottii, appressorium and hyphae around a rhizoid Octospora itzerottii, ascospores
2: Octospora itzerottii, appressorium and hyphae around a rhizoid 1: Octospora itzerottii, ascospores
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