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Octospora kilimanjarensis J. Moravec
Czech Mykology 49(3-4): 150 (1997)
Mycobank: MB#437740
Apothecia: 1.5-4.5(7) mm in diameter, sessile to substipitate, first globose then barrel-shaped to shallowly cupulate, hymenium light orange or orange-ochraceous, outside paler and covered with white appressed hairs, margin fibrillate-dentate fringed or inconspicuously fimbriate, hairs (pseudopili) hyalin 70-220(300) x 6-12 µm, straight or flexuous or undulate, thick-walled
Paraphyses: Paraphyses filiform, to 250 x 2-3.5 µm enlarged to 9 µm at the rounded tip, sparsely septate, straight, with a yellowish content
Asci: 290-350 x 18-26(-30) µm, 8-spored, spores uniseriate
Ascospores:  broadly ellipsoid to subglobos, (18-)19-22(-25) x 13.5-19 µm (without ornamentation), with one large and sometimes additional smaller droplets, ornamentation consisting of large subglobose pustules or wide ribs which form an irregular, mostly incomplete thick reticulum or a mixture of warts and ribs
Host: probably Pogonatum spec.
Infectious structures: not known
Habitat: on soil among mosses such as Pogonatum spec. and Fissidens spec. at altitudes beteween 2600 and 3100 m a.s.l.
Distribution: Ethiopia, Tanzania
Notes: It is related ot Neottiella rutilans and N. albocincta and should be also placed in the genus Neottiella

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  • Moravec, J. 1997. Fungi of the Kilimanjaro - II. Octospora kilimanjarensis sp. nov., a new species of the section Neottiellae (Discomycetes, Pezizales). - Česká mykologie 49: 149–161.

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