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Octospora nemoralis Benkert & Brouwer
Persoonia 18: 384 (2004)

Octosproa nemoralis, apothecia with Fissidens bryoides
1: Octospora nemoralis, apothecia with Fissidens bryoides. Image by Emiel Brouwer.
Apothecia: 0.2-1.5 mm in diameter, discoid, margin slightly fimbriate, hymenium pale-orange to orange, outside paler
Asci: cylindric, 170-220 x 12-20 µm, 8-spored, spores uni- or rarely biseriate
Ascospores: ellipsoid to ovoid, (17-)18-21 x 8,5-10.5 µm, smooth, spore surface slightly uneven in SEM image, with two unequal oil droplets of 6-8 and 2-6 µm respectivily, rarely with one oil droplet of 8 µm in diameter
Host: Fissidens bryoides
Infectious structures: infects the stem, leafs and rhizoids
Habitat: on shaded clay among moss carpets of Fissidens bryoides and Fissidens taxifolius
Distribution: The Netherlands

  • Benkert, D. & Brouwer, E. 2004. New species of Octospora and some further remarkable bryoparasitic Pezizales from the Netherlands. - Persoonia 18: 381-391.

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