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Octosporopsis nicolai (Maire) U.Lindemann, M.Vega & T.Richter
Z. Mykol. 80(2): 567 (2014)
MycoBank: MB 805933
Basionym: Humaria nicolai Maire, Bull. trimest. Soc. mycol. Fr. 40(4): 313 (1926)
Type: France, (MPU)
Synonym: Kotlabaea nicolai (Maire) Benkert, Öst. Z. Pilzk. 17: 187 (2008)
Octosporopsis nicolai Octosporopsis nicolai
1: Octosporopsis nicolai, apothecia on the liverwort Lunularia cruciata, Italy, leg. L. Janošík 2017. Image by L. Janošík 2: Octosporopsis nicolai, ascus with ascospores in water, Italy, leg. L. Janošík 2017. Image by L. Janošík
Apothecia: singly or gregarious on soil near the Lunularia cruciata, 2-7 mm diam, first obconical becoming discoid, hymenium light yellow, salmon to orange, rarely hyalin
Paraphyses: filiform 4-6.5 µm, widened to 9.5-14 µm apically
Asci: (235-) 260-285 (-310) x 28.5-36 µm, always biseriate when mature, 8-spored
Ascospores: broadly ellipsoid to broadly subfusoid, (26-) 27-39 (-41) x (12-) 15-18.5 (-20.5) µm, many ochre droplets, hyalin, smooth
Host: Lunularia cruciata
Infection: on the thallus cells
Habitat: cemeteries, gardens, parks, roadsides
Distribution: France, Germany (HH, RP), Italy, Portugal, Spain

  • Janošík, L., Sochorová, Z., Eckstein, J., Vega, M. & Koukol, O. 2023. Ascospore morphology of bryophilous Pezizales is closely associated with the place of infection and host ecology. - Fungal Ecology 61: 101200. DOI
  • Lindemann, U., Vega, M., Richter, T. & Alvarado, P. 2014. Octosporopsis nicolai - ein rätselhafter Vertreter aus der Familie der Pyronemataceae. - Zeitschrift für Mykologie 80: 565–592. PDF
  • Lindemann, U., Vega, M. & Alvarado, P. 2015. Revision der Gattung Kotlabaea: K. deformis, K. delectans und K. bernkertii. - Zeitschrift für Mykologie 81: 373–402. PDF
Octosporopsis nicolai
3: Octosporopsis nicolai, marginal hyphae in water, Italy, leg. L. Janošík 2017. Image by L. Janošík

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