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Octosporella ornithocephala Döbbeler
Mitt. Bot. Staatssamml. Münch. 16: 473 (1980)
MycoBank: MB 112075
Type: Finland, 'Ahvenanmaa (Alandia), Lemland, Lemböte, Senskär, on trunk of ash in deciduous forest', 5 Jun 1962, T. Laine (holotype M)
Apothecia: perithecioid, 210-300(-360) x 150-250(-350) µm, almost sperical to ovoid, yellowish; upper part with stiff setae up to 150 µm long very thick walled
Paraphyses: filamentous, 2–3 µm wide, ramified
Asci: 85-110 x 11-14 µm, cylindrical, 2-(3-, 4-)spored
Ascospores: (22-)33-50(-65) x 9-12(-14) µm, narrowly ellipsoid, rarely slightly curved, colourless, in most cases with four oil droplets, two large ones in the middle and two at the ends, spore wall at both ends thickened, epispore with blunt cyanophile warts
Host: Radula complanata (L.) Dumort
Infectious structures: Apressoria (13-)16-21(-24) x9-13(-15) µm, elliptical, with a typically curved, to 50 µm long stipe
Habitat: between the leaves of the epiphytic liverwort Radula complanata
Distribution: Finland, France

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