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Octospora oscarii Eckstein, Sochorová & Janošík
Herzogia 34: 288 (2021)
MycoBank: MB 839868

Type: Germany, Lower Saxony, a wood 500 m south of Rote Warte, 51.51622°N, 10.31431°E, elev. 260 m, 2020-Feb-08, on an upturned root plate growing on loess soil and on shoots of Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans, J. Eckstein & O. Eckstein (B 70 0100532)
Octospora oscarii Octospora oscarii
1: Octospora oscarii, apothecia with shoots of Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans, holotype 2: Octospora oscarii, spores in water, holotype
Apothecia: Apothecia scattered, directly growing on shoots of Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans or on soil nearby, 0.2–0.9 mm in diameter and to 0.5 mm high, first spherical to barrelshaped, later becoming discoid to turbinate, apricot-coloured to light orange; margin inconspicuous and not raised above hymenium
Excipulum: ectal excipulum 55–95 µm thick at flanks
Medulla 45–60 µm thick at flanks
Paraphyses: (vital) 3.1–4.3 µm wide, cylindrical, straight to curved apically, capitate, clavate, or with only slightly broadened apex, filled with very light orange coloured vacuoles of 0.5-2 µm in diameter, terminal cell 28-89 x 3-6 µm
Asci: cylindrical, (175-)210-340 x (15-)17-24 µm, 8-spored, ascospores uniseriate or subbiseriate, pars sporifera 80-95 µm long when all 8 ascospores are fully developed
Ascospores: (13-)14-18 x 10-13.5 µm, Q = 1.3-1.6, ellipsoid, broadly ellipsoid, hyaline, smooth, containing a single large lipid body 7-10 µm in diam. or less often two smaller lipid bodies 5.2-5.8 µm in diam
Host:  Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans
Infectious structures: infects the rhizoids, appressoria are clearly visible or covered by a thin layer of connate hyphae, slightly kidney-shaped in side view 20–34 µm long, 12–24 µm high, elliptical in outline when seen from above, 13–18 µm wide, 2–4 septate, with 1–2.5 µm thick outer walls
Habitat: directly growing on shoots of Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans or on soil nearby, in forests on rosdide slopes and uptured root plates, often areas with loess soil
Distribution: Czech Republic, Germany (NI, ST)

  • Eckstein, J., Sochorová, Z. & Janošík, L. 2021. Octospora oscarii spec. nov. (Pezizales), a bryophilous ascomycete on the pleurocarpous moss Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans (Hypnales). - Herzogia 34: 286–298. DOI
  • Janošík, L., Sochorová, Z., Eckstein, J., Vega, M. & Koukol, O. 2023. Ascospore morphology of bryophilous Pezizales is closely associated with the place of infection and host ecology. - Fungal Ecology 61: 101200. DOI
Octospora oscarii Octospora oscarii
3: Octospora oscarii, paraphyses in water, holotype 4: Octospora oscarii, infection on rhizoid, holotype

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