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Octospora pannosa T. Richter, M. Vega & D. Savić
Herzogia: 31(2): 1001 (2018)
MycoBank: MB 828520
Types: Germany, Jensenberg, Amt Gadebusch, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, 2017-12-28, T. Richter & M. Vega. (holotype HBG-024608, isotype PRC 8124).
Octospora pannosa, apothecia Octospora pannosa, SEM-images of ascospores
1: Octospora pannosa, apothecia on Brachythecium velutinum 2: Octospora pannosa, SEM-images of ascospores
Apothecia: first spherical to turbinate becoming saucer-shaped, with a low and narrow fimbriate margin, hymenium apricot-coloured to light orange.
Excipulum: ectal excipulum textura porrecta-intricata, medullary excipulum textura intricata-angularis
Paraphyses: slender, straight to slightly curved, last cell 60-90 x 5-9 µm, cells below 3-4 µm, with pale yellow ochre pigment in the upper half only otherwise colourless
Asci: 170-240(.280) x 17-20(22) µm, cylindrical, 8-spored, spores uniseriate
Ascospores: hyalin, broadly ellipsoid, 14.5-16(17) x 13.5-15 µm (with ornamentation), Q=1.06-1.14, with an off-centre lipid drop measuring 8-9 µm, ornamentation highly variable and mostly appears as a rudimentary torn and ragged reticulum
Host:  Brachytheciastrum velutinum
Infectious structures: the stem, basal leaf cells and rhizoids of its host, terminal appressoria elliptical seen from above, (1)2(3)-septate, 20-29 x 10-17 µm
Habitat: somewhat shaded slopes or rock outcrops, on carpets of Brachytheciastrum velutinum
Distribution: Germany (BY [Mario Schanz, unpublished], MV, TH), Serbia
Note: It is the first species of bryoparasitic Pezizales that appeared on a stamp (Fig. 1).

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  • Vega, M., Richter, T., Savić, D. & Janošik, L. 2018b. Octospora pannosa sp. nov. - an attractive-spored species on the pleurocarpous moss Brachytheciastrum velutinum. - Herzogia 31(2): 1000-1006. DOI
Octospora pannosa, spores Octospora pannosa, spores
3: Octospora pannosa, ascospores stained with cotton blue 4: Octospora pannosa, ascospores stained with cotton blue
Octospora pannosa, paraphyses Octospora pannosa
5: Octospora pannosa, paraphyses 6: Octospora pannosa, apothecia on a stamp

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