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Octosporella ptilidii Döbbeler
Pl. Syst. Evol. 158(2-4): 330 (1988)
MycoBank: MB 132193
Type: Switzerland, 'Graubünden, Unter-Engadin, Inntal, Weg an der rechten Seite des Inn zwischen Lavin und Susch, ca. 1420 m', 1984-Sep-1, E. Müller & P. Döbbeler (holotypus Dö 5925 in M)
Apothecia: perithecioid, ovoid to pyriform, 210-330(-370) x 130-220(-280) µm, orange-red in the living state, yellowish in herbarium material, upper part setose, setae to 130(-200) µm long, straight to curved, hyalin, thick walled
Paraphyses: filiform, 2-3 µm wide, lower part with ramifications
Asci: cylindrical, 100-130 x 14-20 µm, thin walled, 4-spored
Ascospores: ellipsoid, (30-)34-40(-43) x 12-13(-15) µm, usually with one large central droplet and two smaller lateral droplets, epispor finely verrucose
Host: Ptilidium ciliare (L.) Hampe
Infectious structures: appressoria elliptic 17-27(-35) x 12-20(-28) µm seen from above, to 20 µm high, often with a short beak, with a 1(-2)-celled stipe
Habitat: between the leaves of the liverwort Ptilidium ciliare
Distribution: Switzerland

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