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This website is dedicated to the study of bryoparasitc Pezizales, a small group of about 90 closely related species of Ascomycetes which are parasitic to Bryophytes. The website aims to bring together information from scattered sources such as articles, internet sources, personal communications and own observations to facilitate identification.

Comments, new distribution data, unrecognized articles or any suggestion for improvement are very welcome and should be send to info (at)

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Apothecium, infectious hyphae and ascus with spores of Octospora leucoloma

The website was created 2010 by Jan Eckstein and will be continuously updated. I wish to thank the following persons for valuable contributions and/or generous support:

Dieter Benkert, Germany
Wolfgang von Brackel, Germany
Emiel Brouwer, The Nehterlands
Ralf Dahlheuser, Germany
Peter Döbbeler, Germany
Günter Eckstein, Germany
Jan Gaisler, Czech Republic
Jochen Girwert, Germany
Robin Isaksson, Sweden
Lukaš Janošík, Czech Republic
Roy Kristiansen, Norway
Julia Kruse, Germany
Rubén Martínez-Gil, Spain
Csaba Németh, Hungary
Miguel Ángel Ribes, Tenerife
Torsten Richter, Germany
Mario Schanz, Germany
Zuzana Sochorová, Czech Republic
Marcel Vega, Germany
Dirk Wieschollek, Germany
2023 Apr 20
- Octosporella australis added
- references added: Arnolds (2015), Calonge et al. (1986), De Meulder (1994), Dissing (1982), Isaksson (2021,2022), Janosik (2020), Janosik et al. (2022, 2023), Kristiansen (2013), Ortega & Aguilera (1987), Pfister & Eyjólfsdóttir (2007), Svrcek (1948), Zeng et al. (2022)- distribution data from the added references updated
- notes for O. gyalectoides agg.
2022 Feb 11
- references added (Nemeth 2021) - distribution data therein updated
2022 Feb 03
- species added (Lamprospora benkertii, Neottiella gigaspora)
- list of hosts and parasites updated
- species pages updated (Lamprospora ascoboloides, L. cailletii, L. hispanica, L. leptodictya, L. norvegica, L. paechnatzii, L. seaveri)
- references added (Hosono et al. 2021, Yuan et al. 2021, Eckstein et al. 2022)
- distribution data added (O. musci-muralis, L. miniata var. ratisbonensis, L. carbonicola, Octosporopsis nicolai, Octospora wrightii)
2022 Jan 25
- images added (O. meslinii)
2022 Jan 21
- images added (L. angularis)
- distribution data added (O. pannosa)
- reference added (Berber et al. 2021)
2022 Jan 19
- references added (Döbbeler & Davison 2021, Buckley 1924, Capoen 2018)
- list of hosts and parasites updated
- species pages updated (Lamprospora tuberculata, L. tuberculatella, L. spinulosa)
- species added (Filicupula cyanopoda, F. sororia, Octosporella brevibarbata, O. caudifera, O. imitatrix)
2022 Jan 10
- references added (Vega et al. 2021a, Vega et al. 2021b, Eckstein et al. 2021, Senn-Irlet et al. 2021, Németh et al. 2022)
- species pages updated (O. meslinii, O. similis)
- list of hosts and parasites updated
- species added (O. oscarii, Lamprospora angularis, L. bulbiformis, L. gibbosa, L. thelespora)
2021 Apr 27
- Kristiansen & Olsen 2021 added
- Lukaš' unpublished distribution data added
- images added in Filicupula suboperculata, Lamprospora esterlechnerae, Octospora echinospora, Octosporella erythrostigma, O. ornithocephala, Octosporopsis nicolai
2021 Mar 22
- Octospora bicarpa added and related data in species lists and references updated
2021 Mar 17
- references updated
2021 Mar 11
- The Netherlands in L. densireticulata added
2021 Mar 10
- images added in Lamprospora cailletii, L. norvegica, Octospora echinospora, O. hygrohypnophila
2021 Mar 04
- images added in Lamprospora cailletii, L. norvegica, L. tortulae-ruralis, N. ricciae, O. splachnophila
2021 Mar 02
- Lamprospora bavarica and L. esterlechnerae uptaded
2021 Mar 02
- Octospora doebbeleri added and list of hosts as well as references updated
2021 Feb 26
- Octospora americana, O. coccinea var. tetraspora, O. conidiophora, O. erzbergeri, O. hygrohypnophila, O. kelabitana, O. svrcekii, Octosporella perforata, Octosporopsis erinacea images added
2021 Feb 23
- Octosporella spp. updated
2021 Feb 19
- Lamprospora lutziana, Neottiella aphanodictyon uptdated

2021 Feb 17
- Lamprospora maireana, L. minuta, L. ecksteinii, L. norvegica, L. rehmii, L. seaveri uptdated
- lists of hosts and parasites updated
2021 Feb 16
- Lamprospora arvensis, L. ditrichi, L. faroensis, L. feurichiana, L. gotlandica and L. kristiansenii uptdated
- lists of hosts and parasites updated
2021 Feb 15
- Filicupula suboperculata, Octosporaella fusispora, O. ptilidii and O. radulae added
- now, all species of Filicupula and Octosporella are incorporated
- references updated
- list of hosts and parasites updated
2021 Feb 13
- Octosporaella erythrostigma, O. hemicrypta, O. perforata and Octosporopsis nicolai added
- references updated
2021 Feb 12
- changelog added
- references updated
- Octospora crosslandii, O. crosslandii var. alpina, O. kelabitana and Octosporopsis erinacea added
- O. gyalectoides updated
- hosts Bryoerytrophyllum recurvirostrum and Desmatodon latifolius moved from O. gyalectoides to O. crosslandii and O. crosslandii var. alpina respectively
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