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Lamprospora hispanica Benkert
Zeitschrift für Mykologie 53(2): 227 (1987)
Mycobank: MB#132132

Holotype: SPAIN, Madrid, Aranjuez, 1975-Mar-06 Margarita de la Torre (MA-Fungi 2359, holotype)

Lamprospora hispanica Lamprospora hispanica
1: Lamprospora hispanica, apothecia with Aloina, Germany, Lower Saxony, Tettenborn, leg. Jan Eckstein & Günter Eckstein (8498), 2010-10-30 2: Lamprospora hispanica, ascospores stained with cotton-blue, France, Tolouse, leg. Marcel Vega 2017-02-14 (B 70 0100980, MV20170214-03)
Apothecia: 1-2(3) mm in diameter, first spherical, finally thick and discoid, margin conspicuous, fimbriate to shaggy, hymenium varying from pale orange to orange
Paraphyses: filiform, straight, pluriseptate, branched at the base, gradually enlarging towards the apex, terminal cell 50-120 x 4-8 µm, carotenoid pigment
Asci: 250-450 x 20-28 µm, cylindrical, 8-spored, spores uniseriate
Ascospores: slightly subglobose, hyaline, 16-19(22) x 15-18(20) µm (ornamentation included), Q: 1.03-1.06(1.1), lipid drop (10)11-13 µm in diameter; ornamentation consisting of main ridges 0.8-1.0 µm wide and 0.6-0.8(1) µm high forming an alveolate reticulum of the seaveri-type, with 5-8(10) meshes across ascospore diameter, density of the reticulum fairly variable between collections
Host: Aloina aloides, Aloina ambigua
Infectious structures: on strong rhizoids, appressoria clearly differentiated, attached to the rhizoid becoming completely covered which anchoring hyphae, 30-60(75) x 25-35(50) µm in side view, mostly 2-septate
Distribution: Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany (NI, HE, ST), Hungary, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain
Note: Some reports from Germany on Trichostomum crispulum (Ecktein 2014) were later recognised as new species, L. benkertii (Eckstein et al. 2022).

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Lamprospora hispanica Lamprospora hispanica
3: Lamprospora hispanica, apothecium, Germany, Hesse, Jestädt, leg. Jan Eckstein (11622), 2014-01-18 4: Lamprospora hispanica, ascospores stained with cotton-blue, France, Tolouse, leg. Marcel Vega 2017-02-14 (B 70 0100980, MV20170214-03)
Lamprospora hispanica Lamprospora hispanica
5: Lamprospora hispanica, infection showing appressorium and haustorium,France, Tolouse, leg. Marcel Vega 2017-02-14 (B 70 0100980, MV20170214-03) 6: Lamprospora hispanica, SEM of ascospores, holotype, Image by Dieter Benkert
Lamprospora hispanica Lamprospora hispanica
7: Lamprospora hispanica, SEM of ascospore, Spain, País Vasco, Urkiola, leg. Marcel Vega 2018-06-19 (B 70 0100998, MV20180619-01) 8: Lamprospora hispanica, SEM of ascospore, The Netherlands, Oosterschelde-dam, south of Burgh-Haamstede, leg. Emiel Brouwer 2008-Dez-31 (o270)

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